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Our history

Alliance Cameroon is composed of individuals and families from all walks of life; from the different regions of Cameroon; various tribes/cultural experiences; diverse religious background; speaking either of the two official languages and with different opinions and values. Alliance Cameroon has been identified by many in Alberta as Cameroon in miniature and it is in our diversity that Alliance Cameroon has built its foundation for a vibrant, dynamic, resilient and most importantly an inclusive Cameroonian community for all Cameroonians in Canada.
ALLIANCE CAMEROON (ACAM – Calgary) became incorporated with the Government of Alberta on the 19th of Sept. 2011 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a Non Partisan/Apolitical Association (no political affiliations in Cameroon or Canada).
From its creation by a handful of visionary Cameroonians, Alliance Cameroon can now boost of approximately 100 prominent Cameroonians on its membership roster. I must note that our membership is ever increasing as the Cameroonian community in Calgary grows, to the extent that our Association is now permanently renting and hosting its monthly General Assembly Meetings at a community Hall and open to the public.

The idea to create ACAM came up in October 2010 during a birthday party in the house of one of our members and was incepted on July 2011 during our first meeting . Today ACAM holds its meeting in a rental hall.

As a Cameroonian community association we have been involved in many community events both for the advancement of our members and for the furtherance of the larger Cameroonian community in Calgary. Some of our contributions to our community have included nonetheless not limited to the following:

  • Alliance Cameroon and its members have been involved in the Biometric Passport scheme/program executed by the Cameroon High Commission in Canada to ensure that Cameroonians who reside in Alberta can obtain biometric passports without incurring the cost of travelling to Ottawa. Alliance Cameroon is currently working in partnership with CAC to ensure that the most recent Passport initiative comes to its fruity.
  • Alliance Cameroon is a football loving association and like most Cameroonians, football is our main sport. It is for this reason that members of Alliance Cameroon stormed the Common Wealth Stadium in Edmonton during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, to cheer for the Cameroon Women’s Football Team during their games. I most note that we were all proud of the performance of our indomitable players.
  • Again, Alliance Cameroon has since its creation celebrated the National Day (20th May) in its own small but special way. Alliance Cameroon has on numerous 20th May celebrations put funds at the disposal of its executive to  organize an event for Cameroonians to celebrate this significant day at a minimal cost to none members joining our celebrations. Sometimes Alliance Cameroon is able to host up to 300 Cameroonians at these events.
  • It has become customary for Alliance Cameroon to honor the Cameroonian woman in Canada and all over world by commemorating the women during the 8th of March International Day of the Woman. Alliance Cameroon is using this opportunity to show appreciation to the Cameroonian woman for their excellence and contributions to our fatherland.
  • Finally, Alliance Cameroon was one of the community groups in Calgary which sent a team to help in the cleanup campaign in High River after the floods in 2013. Our members helped with garbage/waste disposal, some minor repair work etc.

As a community association, Alliance Cameroon is in the aforementioned ways contributing in building a vibrant Calgary/Canadian society for all.

We are a proud but yet humble people and our strength is grounded on our diversity.